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SuperBusa Smashes 218mph Top Speed!

Motorcycle News achieves 218.1mph on our 401bhp SuperBusa at Kendrew Barracks, UK

With revised gearing and a fresh ECU map, Motorcycle News's, Bruce Dunn, took our road-legal SuperBusa to a verified 218.1mph, on 16 March, at Kendrew Barracks, Rutland UK.

This incredible feat marks the final phase of development for our limited-edition, supercharged hyper-bike. Following a huge number of comments from people eager to know the true top speed; we're delighted to be able to reveal just what the SuperBusa is capable of.

"Development has been ongoing throughout the winter and we've been eagerly awaiting an opportunity for decent weather and a suitable venue to test the SuperBusa," says TTS MD, Richard Albans.

"Having already had one big test day cancelled last week due to poor weather, we were understandably nervous about joining Motorcycle News at Kendrew Barracks – one of the few runways available that allows us to test to over 200mph.

"But it wasn't only the weather; many other factors conspired against us in the days leading up to the top speed attempt, so I'm absolutely delighted to finally prove what this fully road-legal bike can do," says Albans.

SuperBusa #40 made a hefty 401.14bhp at 11,191rpm for the top speed attempt, although the production version isn't exactly lacking in power, producing 370bhp at 10,752rpm.

"But that's not the end of it. With further revisions to the gearing, Bruce and I are confident that we can get to 220+mph on the SuperBusa," smiles Albans.

Bruce adds: "This is something else. To be fair it's more usable [than other bikes]. We also had a Kawasaki Z H2 here this morning and that feels a bit more vicious and abrupt."

He sums up the SuperBusa by commenting: "It's supercharged, super-fast, and you can use it to ride to the shops! In this day and age, I celebrate this stuff."

Check out the full story in the latest issue of Motorcycle News on sale today at newsagents and available via digital download here:

The TTS SuperBusa is limited to just 40 units, each one available with a range of bespoke paint options and additional equipment. Discover more HERE

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