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Following the renders of the TTS SuperBusa going viral, we are proud to, officially, unveil the hotly-anticipated production model.


A collaboration with renowned motorcycle concept artist, Kar designKoncepts, the SuperBusa is the ultimate incarnation of the Gen 3 Hayabusa – packing a Rotrex supercharger and a hefty 370bhp and 190 lb/ft.*


But there’s more to this limited-edition superbike than extreme performance alone.


TTS founder, Richard Albans, says: “Our Gen 3 supercharger package delivers serious performance, but we wanted something extra special to celebrate 40 years in business. Kar Lee (Kar designKoncepts) has done an amazing job of designing the bike, and the prototype is very close to the original renders, which we’re really pleased about.”


The package includes a custom single-sided swingarm; a set of high-end carbon fibre wheels with red accents; a carbon pack with front winglets, tank vents and drive guard; a performance exhaust system; uprated brakes; a forged engine and, of course, the TTS fully intercooled supercharger conversion and Woolich Racing electronics.


Customers will be able to select from a range of custom paint schemes, including the classic GSX-R-inspired livery of the prototype.


When it comes to performance, the SuperBusa has some serious credentials.


With revised gearing and ECU development, our own bike #40 reached an incredible top speed of 218.1mph, as tested by Motorcycle News' Bruce Dunn, on 16 March 2023.

And, on 1 June 2024, at Santa Pod Raceway, we achieved our best quarter-mile so far – 8.35 @ 178mph!


But it’s the way the power is delivered that makes it special. The Rotrex counterclockwise supercharger produces strong, linear performance, ideally suited to a bike. “It’s like a regular 'busa, but turned up to 11,” says Albans. 


Acceleration is savage, with an almost relentless pull right to the top end – but this isn’t at the expense of ridability. “The Woolich Racing electronics means we’re able limit power in the lower gears, if we need to. We can fully optimise the supercharger package to get the best out of the bike,” says Albans. 


TTS SuperBusa orders are now open, with just 40 examples initially planned. Prices start at £30,000 + vat, plus the bike, with a lead time of approximately 16 weeks.

To make an order or to request further information, please click HERE to message us, or call us direct on: +44 (0)1327 858212.

For further information, including a full list of paint scheme options, please visit our dedicated TTS SuperBusa web site – click HERE 

Please note: Due to strict importation rules, we are unable to ship complete bikes to the USA. However, we do have U.S-based installation agents, who can build SuperBusas for us. Please click HERE for more information. 

*Final power and torque figures are subject to change


  • TTS supercharger package producing 370bhp & 190 lb/ft

  • Fully forged engine

  • Custom single-sided swingarm

  • SSA Rotobox Bullet CF wheels

  • CF winglets, CF intercooler tank vents, CF drive cover

  • 330mm StopTech front discs, lightweight TTS rear disc

  • Re-valved front suspension

  • Titanium fasteners

  • From £30k +vat, plus bike

Additional options:

  • Brembo brake caliper / mc upgrades

  • Ohlins rear shock, rearsets

  • 10 alternative paintschemes or a bespoke
    KardesignKoncepts paint scheme


“That is, without doubt, the quickest bike I have ever ridden. There is nothing, not anything that will ever come close to out accelerating this bike, bar another SuperBusa – MCN November 2022

“If you want the ultimate Hayabusa, then you will not be disappointed with the SuperBusa. The performance is simply breath-taking – the supercharger, internal tuning and fuelling have been perfectly and thoughtfully combined to provide unlimited, stepless acceleration.” – MCN November 2022

“If you love big power and are partial to straight-lining, are a fan of the Hayabusa and have a bit of cash to spare, the useability, performance, engineering and passion that’s gone into it means the TTS SuperBusa is well worth every penny.” – MCN November 2022



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