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TTS SuperBusa Sets 1/4-Mile PB – 8.35 @ 178mph!

On 1 June, at Santa Pod Raceway, we achieved our best SuperBusa quarter-mile so far – an incredible 8.35 @ 178mph.

Piloted by TTS MD, Richard Albans, the 450+hp, Rotrex supercharged Suzuki made seven runs, and despite issues with launch control and an aggressive new clutch, it performed extremely well.

Modifications were kept to a minimum and included a lengthened swing arm; a new fuel system to allow it to run E85; an uprated clutch and an electronic shifter. The rest of the bike was essentially the same as any other limited-edition SuperBusa – keeping it true to its street-bike roots.

The biggest issue was getting a good start due to the launch control cutting in too aggressively and sapping power. "The only way to get a decent launch was to switch off the electronics and do it the old-fashioned way!" smiles Albans.

"There's a lot more still to come from this setup and I think we have a chance of getting into the sevens. I'll be fitting a Max ECU before the next trip to Santa Pod, which will give us a much wider range of options regarding launch control."

Will Rich get into the sevens at seventy? Keep your eyes on our socials to follow his progress.


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