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New Harley-Davidson Touring supercharger package!

We reveal our latest TTS supercharger package for 2017-on Harley-Davidson Touring models

This brand new kit utilises the new counterclockwise range of superchargers from Rotrex. This new design has allowed us to simplify the package, which in turn reduces both cost and fitting time.

We've been busy testing the kit at Santa Pod Raceway and have so far managed a best time of 11.2sec at 117mph – not bad at all for a big Harley Tourer! With further tuning work, we're confident that a ten-second pass will be achievable.

With power ranging from around 140hp on a stock 114 engine, to more than 200hp with further mods, you can rest assured that this package will transform performance!

The bike pictured is running our development kit, but production versions will all come in a stealthy, anodised black finish.

Like all of our supercharger packages, everything is designed and manufactured in-house at our Silverstone UK facility. We ensure that they not only deliver thrilling performance, but are also beautifully engineered.

Please click HERE to order.

If you are a Harley-Davidson specialist, or tuning shop, we'd love to chat with you about dealer opportunities.

Please click HERE to message us and we'll get back to you with trade prices.


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