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44Teeth ride our 400bhp supercharged Hayabusa

The 44Teeth guys know a thing or two about fast bikes, so when we invited them to test our 400bhp supercharged Gen 2 Hayabusa, they jumped at the chance.

We spent an afternoon at Sywell Aerodrome, where 44's Fagan and Boothy were let loose on our monstrous demo bike.

Although it started raining half way through, and it was a tad windy, to say the least, the guys kept it pinned and were blown away by the performance of our supercharger package.

The next step is to take a bike to Santa Pod to see if they can crack that elusive 8-second quarter mile...

Click HERE to read the full 44Teeth feature on our 400bhp Hayabusa.

And check out 44Teeth's awesome video below!


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