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Following two-years' of intensive development work, we're proud to unveil the TTS Rocket 300.


The first of its kind in the world, our supercharger package not only delivers sledgehammer performance, but also looks like a factory installation.


Starting with a clean sheet back in 2019, our design team took delivery of a brand new 2021 Rocket 3 TFC and set to work.

The aim was simple: to increase power to 300bhp and create the ultimate Rocket 3. 

But that wasn't all... Everything had to be engineered to perfection to complement Triumph's original design. And as well as delivering immense performance, it had to be durable and easy to ride – no mean feat with such a power hike!

We also had to contend with a global pandemic which struck just as we were getting into our stride with the project.

But, just over two years later, we're proud to say that not only did we hit the original brief, but we smashed it!






  • Rotrex C30-94 supercharger

  • Billet inlet plenum with carbon fibre trim

  • Supercharger housing 

  • Integrated oil cooler & oil reservoir

  • Carbon fibre air intake

  • Base map

  • All brackets, hoses & fittings

  • Comprehensive instructions

Additional options:

  • Uprated internals

  • Power Commander 6 module


The package itself looks like a work of art and is testament to the skills of the design team. A huge amount of time went into ensuring that each component not only performed faultlessly, but also looked stunning too.

The 5-axis machining alone took countless hours to perfect. To give you an idea of the work involved, each supercharger case started out as a solid billet of aluminium weighing a hefty 70kg. It was then machined down to just 12kg for the finished item. 

Having already sold the first ten Rocket 300 sets, we've decided to commission a further five. 


The Rocket 3000 supercharger package starts at £8000, plus vat. A built engine will be required for those seeking the full 300+bhp. For this we can supply uprated cams and pistons (exchange) for £1500, plus vat. 

To make an order, please click HERE


*Final power and torque figures are subject to change

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