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TTS SuperBusa official launch!

370bhp TTS SuperBusa unveiled to the world!

Having seen the awesome renders by Kar Lee, Hayabusa fans were eager to see the real thing. So we gave them what they wanted by officially launching the TTS SuperBusa at our 40th Birthday celebrations, last Saturday.

At 11am, the covers came off and a bumper crowd at the Super Sausage Cafe, Northants were treated to a world exclusive.

The first of just 40 limited edition models, the classic GSXR livery was a big hit with everyone. Each of the 40-plus panels has been custom painted – a huge undertaking on its own. But there's a lot more to this bike than a fancy paint-job.

The heart of the machine is the Rotrex supercharger package, which utlises the latest counterclockwise rotating supercharger. This meant the design could be simplified, allowing for a very neat installation on the left hand side of the bike. The result of many months of extensive development, the setup delivers over 370bhp with a very healthy 190 lb/ft slug of torque.

This translates to rather insane performance – full details of which we'll be revealing very soon. The power is harnessed by the Woolich Racing electronics, which allow us to fine tune the performance, including limiting power in the lower gears, if required.

A carbon pack adds some further drama to the package and includes the chain guard, fuel tank vents, wheels and the front winglets.

In order retain durability, the SuperBusa will come with forged engine internals, as well as s set of uprated brakes. The bike shown includes a larger screen for better aerodynamics when the rider is fully tucked, plus a shorter, performance exhaust system, which is far less restrictive than the stock item, and also shows off the single sided swingarm a treat.

The TTS SuperBusa will start at £30,000 GBP for the full conversion, if the customer supplies their own Gen 3 Hayabusa.

For all enquiries, please click HERE to message us direct.

Watch the official launch below.

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