Harley Davidson Milwaukee Eight - Inferno Supercharger conversion

SUPERSPORT POWER KIT Harley Davidson Milwaukee Eight - Inferno Supercharger conversion

The SuperSport Power kit comes with the C30-74 Rotrex supercharger and will give circa 150 whp/140 ft.lb torque on a std 107, more on the 114.

With a good cam, forged pistons, welded crank and good exhaust this will increase to over 220whp/180 ft.lb of torque. The Conversion comes with injectors and intercooler.

It requires a Powercommander V to tune as a minimum. A Power Vision or SE Protuner is required to remove the speed limiter.


Our Supersport Torque conversion comes with the C30-74 Rotrex and can give over 220whp 210ft.lb torque, max revs 5800. With the right engine upgrades.


Our Race conversion comes with the C30-94 and can give over 350 whp obviously with the engine and transmission upgrades to suit.

Kits are available for Softtails only with forward controls.

Other M8 bikes are in the pipeline.


TOURING SUPERSPORT : £5788.13 + vat

SOFTTAIL SUPERSPORT : £5788.13 + vat

SOFTTAIL FULL RACE : £6339.38 + vat

For info, please contact sales@tts-performance.co.uk Fitting time approximately 2 hrs.

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