Suzuki B-King

Suzuki B-King Supercharger Conversion

This TTS ROTREX system offers new levels of Supercharged excellence. TTS started with a clean sheet to give the enthusiast the best looking, best performing conversion available.

Our conversion is the lightest, smallest, most compact, most robust package. This enables the standard radiator and oil cooler to be used.

The supercharger is mounted further inboard than any other, offering excellent ground clearance yet not compromise front wheel clearance. The air filter and air intake pipe are above the supercharger allowing the filter to pick up cleaner air away from the road. (with an option of a complete covered filter for all weather use). Offering up to 1.4 bar boost pressure we can offer the highest performance for the Street B-King.

The Rotrex supercharger offers the best mid-range gains and top end performance of any supercharger. Additionally the unit is totally silent, no grating rattles on idle to spoil the effect. Overall peak boost is adjustable at the turn of a screw, without changing midrange torque. So the power can be set to suit the fuel and conditions available. There is absolutely no 'turbo' lag. Just instant throttle response with an infinitely wide power band that pulls from idle to redline offering the best riding experience available.

This conversion is 100% complete and requires no other parts. Our fueling computer operates primary and secondary injectors. It is totally plug and play. No extra cost.

Our stainless exhaust headers make the modifying the stock headers a cinch!

The OEM quality of this product is backed by 2 years Warranty.*

*street use.


Kit Price: £4134.38 +vat


Suzuki B-King Supercharger Conversion - TTS Performance

Rotrex 30-94 unit capable running at 100,000rpm Supercharger oil cooler TTS supercharger oil tank Supercharger oil filter and lines Rotrex traction fluid Alloy fabricated plenum chamber Alloy inlet pipe Unique Billet Supercharger mounting plate incorporating the starter case assembly and spigot seal CNC'd crank spigot CNC'd outer plate incorporating outrigger bearing and belt guard Eccentric tensioning wheel with special high speed bearings TTS blow off valve, T piece, silicon hoses Special high output in tank fuel pump to replace the standard in tank pump (no problems with finding space) Enables the use of all standard fuel lines making installation simple 3rd and 4th stainless steel exhaust headers to replace the standard ones, making a minimum effort to modify your existing exhaust system Earls oil cooler line and fittings Alloy air pipes Silicon hoses and stainless clamps K&N Chrome faced filter​


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