Honda S2000 Bottom Mount Race Kit

TTS are proud to now offer our Bottom mount S2000 supercharger kit as a complete package. This kit is designed with the true racer in mind! Our bottom mount supercharger bracket and pulley system is the most durable around. Using a 8 rib heavy duty Gates drive belt and a full pulley conversion kit to take the standard 6 rib pulleys out to accommodate the 8 rib belt to give maximum belt traction with no slippage or premature belt wear in high load applications. With the supercharger being mounted on the bottom of the engine in place of the standard air con pump weight is kept as low as possible. Performance is equally as impressive as with our top mount race kit. Using the same High performance race intercooler core coupled with our 63mm and 76mm bespoke aluminium pipe work power levels of around 600 bhp can be achieved with boost levels of roughly 21-22 psi when using a Rotrex c38-91 supercharger. This kit contains all the mechanical parts needed for the installation including all brackets, pipe work, hoses, air filter, 1000cc injectors and a in tank 340ltr/hr fuel pump. All that is required in addition is your chosen engine management system in order to correctly map the engine. TTS recommend either Hondata flashpro or AEM ems2 ecu units depending on the age of the car. (Please call us for a quote) This kit is designed for the racing environment and may not be suitable for fitment to some road cars as some standard parts in the engine bay such as air condition pipe work and water bottles would need to be removed or relocated.



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