Honda S2000 Bottom Mount DIY Kit

Our S2000 DIY kit is designed to fit in the standard air con pump position (i.e. no aircon).

The Anodized CNC billet brackets offer the most rigid solution and give perfect belt alignment. This kit offers The Perfect solution for running the Rotrex C30 and C38 superchargers in a race environment or on S2000 engines that may be fitted to other vehicles where our normal road kit will not fit. This kit is built for ultimate reliability with all pulleys using high speed bearings coupled with an 8rib HD Drive belt and is designed to run for long periods of time under race conditions.

This kit contains a full replacement set of pulleys to convert your engine to an 8rib belt (excluding crank pulley which needs modifying) And is available with front mounting plates to accept both c30 or c38 range of superchargers.


DIY Bracket & Pully kit

(no supercharger)



(including c30-94 supercharger)



(including c38-81 supercharger)



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