Honda Civic Type R (FN2) Shaft Drive Kit


Here at TTS we like a challenge. Our K20 Civic design has been around for 8 years and served us well. The FN2 has more room under the hood than the EP3. Our customers were asking for more power, especially mid-range. The competition were upping their game! It was time for a revision. The Rotrex supercharger takes some beating but we didn't have a design that accepted the largest C38 unit and kept the aircon.

The Criteria: - Keep the aircon - Keep charge temperatures as low as possible - Keep the pressure drop to a minimum - Allow the use of any size supercharger - Create a true Cold Air Intake - Maximize mid-range performance - Offer upgrades at a minimum price increase

Our new design meets all the above criteria. The aircon remains untouched. The intercooler core is of the latest design. We have maximised the surface area available to cool the charge to the lowest temperatures possible yet giving a minimal (0.03 bar) 0.4psi pressure drop. The pipework to and from the intercooler has a very short path and large diameters further reducing pressure drop and increasing throttle response. Sitting the supercharger in place of the Factory airbox required some ingenious design work but the benefits are huge. It allows for a proper CAI pulling air from outside not the engine bay at almost ambient temperature. (Please Note that this kit requires the battery to be relocated to either the boot for L/h drive cars or to the back of the engine bay using our fitting kit for R/H drive cars.)

The supercharger outlet is perfectly positioned to run directly to the throttle body on low boost installations or directly to the fmic for high power applications. Additionally even the awesome C38-91 Rotrex can sit comfortably in the engine bay. All this and still keeping the standard inlet manifold renown for it's mid-range torque. The results speak for themselves. We can offer a combination that will give Turbo beating mid-range torque with instant throttle response from idle and ballistic top end performance. This real world performance literally Blows all the opposition away. Power range from 300 to 600 bhp (Dependent on engine build, exhaust system etc)

The kit can be supplied with any c30 or c38 size supercharger depending on customer requirements. It is also available with 2 different size supercharger drive pulleys so the boost can be catered to suit the customers engine spec, Using The C38-91 A larger 110mm Pulley will produce around 14 psi of boost for standard engines, We can also supply A 100mm Pulley that will produce Around 19-20 psi for customers with forged engine internals. This path is easily upgradeable at a later date if required.


- Rotrex supercharger - Supercharger oil kit and oil cooler - Full CNC aluminum bracket set and drive system - A new serpentine drive belt and toothed drive belt - Interchangeable supercharger drive pulley - Race spec Front mount inter-cooler - Inter-cooler mounting bar and brackets - Full aluminium pipework set including all silicon hoses and clips - 25mm Blow off valve - Water pipe modification kit - Cold Air feed pipe and K&N Air filter kit - Water expansion bottle relocation kit - Uprated fuel pump - Deatsch Werks fuel injectors - hondata 4bar map sensor


Full Kit with Rotrex C30-94 supercharger (300-380bhp)​

£4079.25 +vat

Full kit with Rotrex C38-81 supercharger (350-500 bhp) ​

£4465.13 +vat

Full kit with Rotrex C38-91 supercharger (400-600 bhp)

£5181.75 +vat

Possible extras required that are not included in the kit but which are available from TTS upon request:

Hondata flash pro


Right hand drive battery relocation kit (new battery, battery tray, extension cables)



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