Hayabusa DIY Top Mount

Hayabusa DIY Top Mount

Our top mount supercharger kit for the hayabusa engine is mainly aimed at the competition and kit car market. Our CNC bracketry set positions any c30 range of supercharger over the top of the gearbox making it an ideal solution for car installs. The two piece billet case houses an oil lubricated nylon cush drive system to allow for any tolerance Issues that can occur on the standard crankshafts. The drive system runs on an auto tensioned 8 Rib High strength belt for ultimate reliability and maximum belt traction.

Our standard c30-94 supercharger kits can produce up to 375 bhp with supporting mods but we can cater for any output from 250bhp to 600bhp with different size superchargers.

These kits are sold as either a DIY bracket set with or without the supercharger or TTS are happy to quote on doing custom installs into your vehicle including Engine work, intercooler/radiator fabrication etc.


DIY Bracket & Drive Set

only £1260+vat

DIY set with C30 supercharger


DIY set with C38 supercharger

(please call for details)


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