BMW GS1150

BMW GS 1150 Supercharger Conversion


The TTS Rotrex supercharger conversion offers outstanding performance with no compromise in drivability. You can poodle around in high gear at the lowest revs and still pull away cleanly right through to the redline. The engine has instant throttle response and absolutely no lag in any gear from any revs, it has to be ridden to be believed.

The power output is up from 80 to 140 bhp and with an increase in power is right to the redline not tailing off from mid revs like the standard bike. Overtaking is now a joy not the chore it is with standard bike. The conversion employs a front mounted intercooler to cool the charge and keep the increase in power constant.

All the supercharger mounting plates are CNC manufactured in the TTS workshops and hard anodised. All pipework and fabricated parts are powder coated for durability. The kit comes complete with oversize fuel injectors and Dynojet Powercommander complete with Map and full fitting instructions.



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