Audi B8 S5 4.2 FSI V8

TTS are proud to announce the TTS Audi B8 S5 4.2 FSI V8 Rotrex Supercharger Conversion.

Designed and manufactured from the ground up at the TTS Development Centre. There has been no compromise. TTS are using the latest Rotrex C38-91 Centrifugal supercharger that spins to a heady 90,000 rpm and capable of flowing 0.7 Kg/s (over 1000cfm) of air.

This far exceeds any other incarnation. Not only does it flow a large volume of air it does so at very high efficiency keeping the compressed charge temperature low. The Plenum chamber and charge cooler housing are CNC'd from aircraft spec billet aluminum, combining maximum strength with minimum weight. It can be seen that we have maxed out the size of this housing in the space available to incorporate the largest charge coolers possible. The cooler the air, the denser the charge, the greater the power. By having the largest possible charge cores, running a twin pass pre rad and large capacity reservoir, together with a 180 l/min OEM quality Bosch water pump we can maintain the lowest possible charge temperatures (generally below 45 deg.C) on hard acceleration right through to 6th gear. Additionally we have 6mm Phonetic gaskets resisting heat transfer from the engine to the plenum chamber. The result of all this careful thought and design is a system that offers the best power for the longest period.

Audi deemed that they required just a 5 rib belt to drive the alternator, so to additionally run a supercharger with the same size belt was just asking for trouble. TTS have designed a supercharger drive train that utilities an 8 rib heavy duty belt. The belt run is designed to give the maximum wrap around both the supercharger and crank pulleys offering the most resistance to slip. This together with the use of high quality SKF silicon grease bearings in all the additional pulleys gives the best possible durability.

All parts are Zylan coated giving a corrosion free durable finish.

Conversion comes with a 2 year warranty.


550ps @7100rpm

651Nm @5400rpm

0 - 60 3.5 seconds

Standing 1/4 mile 11.7 seconds

Top Speed limited 185mph



Kit Price: £10,027.50 +vat


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