Ariel Atom


The TTS Ariel Atom Sport supercharger conversion offers an additional 50% more power than the Atom 220. This lightweight conversion adds just 10kgs to the weight of the car yet gives an additional 50% more power.

The standard engine remains very reliable and the power delivery is enhanced with this conversion, no lag just instant throttle response. Our Sport kit is non-intercooled and runs approximately 10 psi of boost. At this time our Atom kits are TTS factory fit only.


The TTS Ariel Atom Supersport supercharger conversion offers an additional 80%+ more power than the Atom 220. That's some 70+ bhp more than the Atom 300, i.e. 370+bhp. For reliability a full engine rebuild using the best parts available is highly recommended (contact TTS for an engine build quote) . This conversion is not for the faint hearted.

The drivability is enhanced with this conversion just as with the Sport conversion and again there is no throttle lag just seamless power from idle to redline. The Supersport conversions come complete with larger injectors, custom made intercooler and all necessary pipe work and hoses. A full engine building service and supercharger installation service is available at very competitive rates. The finished installation is bedded in and set up on TTS's 'State of the Art' Dynopro Rolling Road. At this time our Atom kits are TTS factory fit only.


For those speed addicts who want even more power we can custom build a 2.5 litre engine and fit the largest Rotrex C38 supercharger giving over 550bhp potential. Please contact us for prices.


SPORT Kit price: £3472.88+vat

SUPERSPORT Kit price: £4575.38+vat

FULL RACE Kit Price: Please call

(Hondata flashpro or kpro not included)

Please call for Hondata product prices


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